BHFF Strategic Board Report - Goals/Objectives


Goal H1: Increase the miles of stream or water monitored by volunteers
Goal H2: Identify historic past habitat projects and create priority list for future focus
Goal H3: Establish 10 new BDA’s sites by end of 2025
Goal H4: Establish Rapid Creek in town as a showcase stream
Goal H5: Establish more efficient water management below dams at Pactola and Deerfield reservoir systems
Goal H6: Enhance trout population between Pactola and Rapid City along public areas
Goal H7: Establish no grazing zone along castle creek
Goal E1: Participate in two youth events each year
Goal E2: Complete hydrology education video by June 2023
Goal E3: Create and promote hydrology sign education system and 3D modeling platform
Goal E4: Establish community acknowledgement program by spring 2024
Goal A1: Create an advocacy network for the Black Hills
Goal A2: Participate in stream classification review and revision process
Goal A3: Work with partner agencies to designate rapid creek watershed as a special, exceptional, unique land
Goal X1: Identify three riparian areas and drainages where ATV traffic has negatively impacted habitat
Goal X2: Re-Connect access to Whitewood Creek fishery
Goal X3: Establish new private land fishery access
Goal X4: Identify and suggest special regulation to GFP
Goal M1: Expand membership to 300 by 2025
Goal M2: Create and distribute high quality annual report highlighting BHFF work, financials, members, sponsors, and goals
Goal M3: Increase annual fundraising amount to $100,000 by 2026
Goal M4: Host at least two annual membership functions and/or fundraisers


Task Name
H1.1 Work with SDSU volunteer monitoring program
H1.2 DANR connection for stream monitoring systems
H1.3 Research EPA citizen science guidelines and funding availability
H1.4 Support USGS video monitoring program at gauge sites
H1.5 Explore possible graduate student project with TNC and GFP partnerships
H2.1 Generate new list of historic and current projects
H2.2 Share project list with stakeholders
H2.3 Identify key priority areas of concern or potential
H2.4 Revisit conversation on a quarterly basis
H2.5 Google map to identify location and updates for sharable version
H3.1 Work with GFP to establish BDA in French Creek below stockade
H3.2 Utilize mapping tools provided by TNC to recommend five specific sites to Mystic Ranger district FS reps
H3.3 Advocate for Beaver as an indicator species in the National Forest Service plan
H3.4 Partner with GFP and youth programs to initiate annual BDA initiatives
H4.1 Apply for habitat stamp funding with GFP to show off watershed and its fish
H4.2 Partner with Visit Rapid City and other economic stakeholders to initiate showcase stream program
H4.3 Create a showcase stream implementation plan to entice project sponsors and GFP support
H4.4 Dedicate matching funds towards project and promotion
H5.1 Work with City of Rapid City and Bureau of Reclamation to maximize efficiency and minimize water management blunders
H5.2 Work with West Dakota Water District to identify shortcomings and opportunities
H5.3 Organize key stakeholders around Black Hills hydrology and water management efforts
H5.4 Be a part of the conversation when it comes time to alter the MOU, review current MOU and identify necessary changes to benefit fish and wildlife
H5.5 Review habitat study and operational management study 
H6.1 Identify current challenges and threats to trout in the watershed
H6.2 Enhance habitat where appropriate
H6.3 Reduce number of mink and other trout predators roaming the area
H7.1 Work with GFP to identify work area and barrier options
H7.2 Make financial commitment to support purchase and installation of barrier
H7.3 Create signage to promote BHFF partnership in project


Task Name
E1.1 Create partnership list of stakeholders and education contacts and potential education opportunities
E1.2 Work with Rapid City sustainability committee on partnership opportunities
E1.3 Continue trout in the classroom sponsorship and support release events
E1.4 Ensure parents are included in at least one annual event
E1.5 Continue partnership with Club for Boys and fly fishing access
E2.1 Contract with storyteller
E2.2 Document ideal shooting locations, speakers, desired footage, and narrative
E2.3 Seek partner agencies and grants to supplement cost sharing
E3.1 Create educational points of interest that need to be documented
E3.2 Contract with 3D model creator (school of mines students, 3D model printer)
E3.3 Accompanying maps and brochures for educational material
E3.4 Make education system mobile and available to partner education organizations
E4.1 Create nomination system and award names
E4.2 Determine timing and distribution method
E4.3 Promote award program through local media, partner agencies, and regional businesses


Task Name
A1.1 Create a consistent form of communication with partner groups and organizations to share current and future work/priorities
A1.2 Develop a policy and advocacy agenda outlining specific priorities and objectives for protecting Black Hills creeks, streams, and fisheries
A1.3 Leverage social media and cross promotional marketing to broaden the reach of our efforts
A1.4 Initiate at least one annual collaborative partnership discussions (spring year review, fall success celebration)
A2.1 Work with DANR to identify protocol and procedures
A2.2 Stream monitoring assistance programs for Black Hills waterways
A3.1 Work with Partner agencies to develop and review application
A3.2 DANR nomination process


Task Name
X1.1 Survey public to determine most problem areas
X1.2 Work with GFP field staff to identify possible OHV closure zones
X2.1 Monitor progress on current Whitewood creek access efforts
X2.2 Partner with landowners on permanent easement program
X2.3 Partner with City of Deadwood and their purchase of land parcells on creek
X3.1 Work with state of South Dakota (CHAP program) to create new stream access opportunities
X3.2 Work with GFP to identify key landowner partners and watersheds (early adopters)
X3.3 Collect examples from other states to justify future measures
X4.1 Identify key areas for catch and release/artificial only
X4.2 Collect key data points that would warrant special regulations requests from the BHFF
X4.3 Identify state administration to connect with in order to establish new rules and regulations


Task Name
M1.1 Membership QR code stickers that can be placed at stream access points
M1.2 Upgrade CMS to include automatic invoice distribution, auto-renewal payments, and volunteer management software
M1.3 Complete Google Ad Grants application and begin advertising membership options
M1.4 Expand social media community engagement (Instagram/Facebook)
M1.5 Expand partnerships and collaborations to increase BHFF visibility and reputation
M1.6 Create membership referral program to incentivise new member recruitment from within the organization
M1.7 Establish online POD store for selling BHFF branded merch to members (free advertising)
M1.8 Add organization membership options to existing offerings
M1.9 Create new membership community gathering opportunities (pint night, ladies night, fly tying opportunities, etc)
M2.1 Find designer and content creators
M2.2 Establish layout and needed components
M2.3 Distribute annual publication (for previous year) by April 1
M3.1 Initiate new fundraising programs utilizing donors outside membership and service area (i.e. - chase the rainbow raffle)
M3.2 Hire Executive Director to help increase organization funding
M3.3 Expand organizational assets and funding sources (Endowment fund, land/asset gift management, etc)
M3.4 Create a legacy giving program seeking long-term bequests to benefit BHFF
M3.5 Round up for the BHFF program in fly shop and retailers
M4.1 Schedule dates and locations at the beginning of the year
M4.2 Alternate venues and event types
M4.3 Utilize online auction platform for extended bidding options