This core group is what makes all BHFF efforts and initiatives possible.  Their passion for cold water fisheries in South Dakota is surpassed only by their abilities to lie about fishing conquests and abilities. 

We are always looking for like-minded do gooders for fish.  If you'd like to apply to be a part of this awesome team, complete this form and get your name on the list.  If you have any questions about this amazing volunteer opportunity, please let us know.  

David Hanna, Past President

In 1993, a dear friend of David Hanna's took him stream fishing in the Black Hills with worms, bobbers and spinning gear.  In 1995 another dear friend convinced him to use a fly rod.  26 years later he's still throwing a fly rod.  Hanna grew up in eastern South Dakota and has lived in the Black Hills since 1992.  Fly fishing is the one thing he's found that makes the rest of the world cease to exist and is therefore the reason he's involved in Black Hills Fly Fishers.  Hanna wants to see the Black Hills continue to offer exceptional access to quality fly fishing for everyone, forever.

Kelsey Egan

Kelsey grew up in Montana, surrounded by majestic mountains and sparkling rivers that inspired her to care for the environment and protect it for future generations. She pursued her passion for the environment by studying Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems at Montana State University.  Kelsey enjoys running on trails, exploring new places, and creating delicious dishes in her kitchen. Her husband, Daniel, who is an avid fisherman introduced her to another outdoor activity that she quickly fell in love with: fishing. Kelsey was amazed by the diversity and beauty of the fish species and the thrill of landing one. Fishing became one of their favorite ways to spend quality time together and connect with nature. In 2021, Kelsey moved to the Black Hills of South Dakota, where she continues to enjoy fishing and other outdoor adventures. She hopes to inspire others to follow their passions and conserve the beautiful outdoors and water systems. 

Daniel Egan

Daniel was exposed to fly fishing at a young age and grew up chasing trout on the rivers and lakes of Montana. Growing up near the pristine lakes and rivers of his childhood home, Daniel developed a profound appreciation for the wonders of nature, especially the serenity and fulfillment found in fishing. This early connection ignited a lifelong devotion to safeguarding the waters he holds so dear. In 2021 Daniel and his wife Kelsey moved to Rapid City for Daniel's job as a Water Resources Engineer.  Daniel joined the Black Hills Fly Fishers to help ensure a promising future for our aquatic environments in the Black Hills.


Rich Morrison

I grew up in Northern California fly fishing with my dad and his buddies in and around Chico, CA.  I am currently a pilot for Southwest Airlines.  One of my favorite fishing memories happened right here in the Black Hills.  I was stripping streamers on Deerfield lake in early fall when I heard what I thought was someone walking down to the shore behind me wearing nylon pants...swish...swish...swish.  I turned to see a Bald Eagle dropping down over the trees.  It passed by me at head height and close enough that I could have reached out and touched it with my fly rod.  Absolutely amazing. Fly fishing has been such an incredibly important part of my life.  The memories, the friendships, and the therapeutic benefits of this are all something I want to promote as well as protect here in this place that has been my home for almost 20 years now.  That’s exactly what BHFF is here to do.  And I can see the folks that I work with here feel the same and that’s so valuable to me. 


Marcus Bevier

Marcus and his family currently call Belle Fourche, South Dakota their home. It's a community he grew up in and truly loves. Marcus was brought back to Belle Fourche because of my current job as a non-profit executive who operates a program focused on comprehensive child development services for families in need. As far as fly fishing is concerned, he’s always enjoyed the idea of fly fishing and the romanticism that sometimes surrounds it (A River Runs Through It?!). At its core, though, problem solving got him hooked on fly fishing and making his own flies. The river and flies used are ever-changing and require good problem solving skills in order to be successful. Of course, he just likes catching fish, too. Can you blame him?
Despite all of his fishing adventures Marcus’s fondest fishing memory to date is watching his wife and kids catch their first fish on the fly. They had no idea how much that moment actually meant. Like all of us, Marcus still dreams of catching exotic species in far off places. The giant arapaima is one species that sits on his bucket list. If it’s a location…Marcus will be booking a ticket to Kamchatka as soon as he can.
The sense of community is what Marcus appreciates most about the BHFF and the camaraderie it creates amongst fly anglers. He is a staunch advocate for our mission in making certain that the prized waters of the Black Hills remain pristine for future generations. His work on stream restoration projects and expanding fishing access for individuals have proven to be a worthy time commitment for him.


Buddy Seiner, President

Buddy is a self-employed communications consultant from Pierre, S.D.  He grew up fantasizing about catching fish on a fly rod, but never had a mentor to show him the way.  His progression to the sport was an evolution; moving from salmon eggs, to spoons, to gift shop fly boxes.  The first day he dragged an adult adams behind a clear float on Sylvan Lake resulted in so many fish to hand that it drew a crowd of curious tourists asking an oblivious kid about all his secrets.  Not long after this discovery, his uncle gifted him a fly rod combo which he used to practice his techniques on picky brown trout in bear butte creek.  His passion for the Black Hills and her fisheries are what ultimately attracted him to the Black Hills Fly Fishers organization.  When the majority of its members believed his lies, he knew it was the right place for him to serve.   Buddy coaches youth athletics, and volunteers on the board of directors for four different organizations.  His favorite pastimes include swimming in the clean waters of Lake Oahe with his kids, playing pickleball with the local club and fly fishing for anything that swims. Buddy is also a fly fishing educator and fly tying instructor.  As an aquatic education contractor for South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks, he is able to pursue his passion for fisheries education and advocacy.  He is also the founder of the Fish Stories Archive at fishstories.org where he records angler voices and preserves them in the vault for future generations.

Jeff Olson

Jeff Olson (or Ole as some of his friends call him) was born and raised in the Black Hills.  He spent many mornings as a child watching the sun rise on Pactola or Sheridan lake fishing for trout.  Ole’s grandfather was an avid cowbell fisherman.  He drove a huge Lincoln with an 8 horse outboard in the trunk and row boat on a rack on top of the car.  The night before each trip included digging for worms which they had down to quite an art.  That is where his love of fishing started.  Ole found fly fishing fairly late in life.  In 1991 he had a major accident that ended his first true passion....snow skiing.   While immobile for many months, Ole taught himself to tie flies and eventually became active with the Black Hills Fly Fishers.   Ole has been very fortunate to fish in many far away locations during his career, but nothing has compared to his love for Black Hills waterways.  His passion to protect them runs strong.  The BHFF has been a very strong advocate and he is glad to be part of this great club.   Ole took over his grandfathers dental practice in 1988 and has been a practicing dentist (still hasn’t perfected it) for 34 years.  His wife of 28 years supports his habits and is often disappointed when he come home early from a trip.  He has two adult children, both who fish but one who is very passionate about it and a life member of our club.   She is in Hawaii for a 4 year residency and is very much struggling with the lack of fly fishing and can not wait to move back to the Black Hills for all the obvious reasons.


Evan Walterman, Secretary

Originally from Minnesota, Evan moved to the Black Hills after graduating from SDSU in 2015 - drawn to Rapid City by the outdoor recreation opportunities in the Black Hills and vast amount of public lands nearby. Shortly after moving to Rapid City Evan was introduced to fly fishing through a friend. It didn’t take long for fly fishing to jump to the top of his list for weekend activities, exploring the abundance of fishing opportunities in the hills. Aside from fly fishing, Evan is an enthusiast of pretty much anything outdoors. He shares his free time with mountain biking, bikepacking, camping and Jeeping around the Black Hills.

Now a father of two, Evan has still made Black Hills Fly Fishers a priority as he wants to ensure his boys and future generations have the same chance to enjoy the outdoors and fishing the picturesque streams of the Black Hills as he has been able to.



Mike Lees 

Hans Stephenson 

Jarrod Reisner, Treasurer 

Bill Miner

Get in touch with our board members via email at blackhillsflyfishers@gmail.com