This page will be updated periodically to brag about the cool stuff we do to maintain and improve help Black Hills fisheries and our cold water resources.  Cold, clear water helps us all!  (not just the trout we think are so cool)

The map below highlights some of the projects the BHFF have been a part of.  This map is currently in the development phase, and not yet complete with projects.  We will continue to add to this map as projects are completed.  




Committed Funds:  The following items represent projects where BHFF has committed cash on hand, but has yet to remit the cash as the projects aren't completed yet:

  • $10,000 - Fish Ladder - Rapid Creek, near Central States Fairgrounds - allowing fish passage around concrete dam.  Project still in planning with South Dakota Game Fish & Parks.
  • $25,000 - Flood Plain Analysis - Rapid Creek  - this analysis to be performed by South Dakota Game Fish & Parks in conjunction with the City of Rapid City will put forth the ground work needed to plan future work for the Rapid Creek drainage.
  • $15,000 - Landguth Memorial - these funds will likely be spent in 2017 for a fishing pier at the South Dakota Game Fish & Parks Outdoor Campus.  These funds came by way of a memorial setup for the late/great Dan Landguth.
  • $35,000 - Pactola Basis Phase 2 - this phase will include stream bank protection and other work from approximately a mile below Pactola Reservoir to the Placerville church camp area.  Work is likely to begin fall of 2018! 
  • $35,000 - Spearfish Creek Hydro 2 to Maurice - this project is also likely to begin fall of 2018!  The project will include various stream bank preservation work in the  middle of Spearfish Canyon!
  • $20,000 - USFS Sheridan Lake Project - this money is to help pay for the valve replacement that is to draw nominal amounts of cool water (vs surface water) from Sheridan Lake to Spring Creek (below the dam).  This project has taken a LONG time - and we are hopeful that if Spring Creek can arrive at 20 CFS flows in 2018, the USFS will allow the valve to finally be turned on - diverting a little water from the spillway discharge to subsurface discharge - putting cooler water into Spring Creek and in turn helping the trouts with their residence below the dam.

2017 AUGUST - $1,000 spent on signage below Pactola indicating stream rehab working being done.  THANKS to Jon Holmgren and crew for getting this done!  And, a big thanks to the Black Hills National Forest for their help with posts, placement, and more!


2017 JUNE - $27,000 spent on Rapid Creek in Rapid City - in partnership with the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks!

  • $2,000 - Fly Fishing 101, a public class to teach fly fishing - class is organized and provided by the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks.  See their website for details:
  • $10,000 - Riparian corridor management in Rapid Creek (city limits):  will help provide long-term increased stream temperature mitigation through increased shading.  Additionally, replaces trees lost to storm damage (i.e., winter storm Atlas).
  • $15,000 - Phase II of rock placement in Rapid Creek (city limits):  placement of large rocks/boulders in creek to slightly divert flow, creating holding areas for fish.  During high flows, these rocks will have area around/behind them 'wash out' creating deeper depth for trout cover/holding water.


Recent cool coverage:  See this link:  NPR Trout in the Classroom

2017 FEBRUARY - Trout in the Classroom - this project is such a fun project where we work with the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks and local school teachers.  We pay for micro trout habitat (tanks, cold water chillers, and other needed supplies) so teachers and their students can raise trout from egg to small adult.  This annual project helps local students learn about fish biology and the importance of quality habitat.  Ev Hoyt (long-time Black Hills FlyFishers member/board/volunteer and more) coordinated this year's effort.  We paid for $1,700 in supplies to help this project roll!

2016 MAY - Pactola Basis stream rehab phase I - $50,000 donated to the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks to help pay for this great stream improvement work.  Wander below Pactola sometime and check out the new bank structures (they are still young and healing).  The new bank structures and rock placements will only get better with time and heavy spring water flow, creating better holding habitat and preserving bank structure!


AND - Here is a list of other projects since 1980!


CANYON LAKE in Rapid City

$30,000 - Canyon Lake restoration (SDGFP & City of Rapid City)

$10,000 - Canyon Lake silt removal - paid 2017!



$10,000 - Deerfield Dam variable flow valve (US Bureau of Rec)

$5,000 - Castle Creek fencing project (SDGFP)



$5,000 - Pactola Basin Outlet Control Structure (US Bureau of Rec)

$4,500 - Interfluve stream assessment

$2,000 - Upper Rapid Creek Water Quality Study (SDSM&T)

$6,500 - Didymo education (Federation of Fly Fishers)

$10,000 - Didymo research commitment (SDGFP)



$35,000 - Engineering and design - commitment (Hydro 2 to Maurice)

$2,500 - Raspberry Gulch project (USFS)

$3,200 - Spearfish Creek rehab 1997 (SDGFP)

$2,500 - Interfluve stream assessment 1997

$10,000 - Savoy Weir restoration (SDGFP)

$5,000 - Spearfish Canyon Foundation (Pine Beetle)



$10,000 - Sheridan Lake inflows modeling (SDGFP)

$20,000 - Sheridan Lake Management Plan (Valve) (USFS) - commitment

$5,000 - SDDENR Clean Water project

$25,000 - SDGFP Outdoor Campus West, Rapid City



$15,000 - YMCA Youth education & scholarships

$2,500 - GFP Trout in the Classroom

$1,200 - SDWF Bob Marshall Camp scholarships

$2,500 - Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation riparian habitat

$1,000 - Booth Hatchery in Spearfish (USFWS)

$700 - Boy Scout Camp - The Medicine Mountain Camp's eleven acre lake (Lake Alexander) became the club's primary civic project.  The BHFF would purchase Kamloops rainbows from a private hatchery outside of Spearfish, stock the fish for the benefit of the Scouts, and also cut some of the prolific vegetation within the lake.  Later (2001), the BHFF purchased the materials for a new dock at Lake Alexander.  A similar effort was made with the Girl Scouts and their camp near Brownsville on Hwy 385, although the Girl Scout camp was sold to a private party a short time afterwards.

$1,200 - SD Wildlife Federation Bob Marshall Camp

$500 - Nature Conservancy Slate Creek project

$7,500 - Landowner pond restoration (Bies)

$500 - Tony Dean Memorial Acres (SD Parks Fndn)