Blue Ribbon Society


Make a forever difference for coldwater fisheries and conservation in South Dakota


What is Legacy?  When we talk about legacy it is something that is passed down.  It is your mark...your footprint in the earth.  It is your contribution to the world.  You are leaving a legacy whether you like it or not.  Are you going to be intentional about what you're leaving?  Or are you going to let just anything be passed down, given to others on your behalf.  Remember how you started, but be focused on how you finish.  What is a legacy mindset?  It is a way of thinking that causes us to make winning decisions today so that we can have winning results tomorrow.  When is the best time to plant a tree?  Yesterday.  That’s a winning mindset.  Tree’s don’t really benefit us now, or even 5 years from now.  They benefit us and others many years after it is planted.  We are looking for people today who have a legacy mindset for our fish.  They are willing to plant seeds that will sprout and bring value to future generations.  We need legacy builders who are willing to open doors for wildlife, trout, and anglers that cannot be closed.  This is the Blue Ribbon Society.   

Blue Ribbon fishery is a designation made to identify recreational fisheries of extremely high quality. In turn, the Black Hills Flyfishers is proud to honor Official Blue Ribbon Society members as individuals who uphold the mission of our organization forever.  They respect and appreciate water, fish, habitat, conservation, education, and access and want their hard-earned resources supporting the long-term sustainability of each.  Blue Ribbon society members make the most impact for our organization by gifting assets or listing the Black Hills Flyfishers as a beneficiary in their estate plan.   This can be for a specific amount, a percentage of a desired asset, or through perpetual foundation gifts from a private or public foundation.  This process is very simple, 100% revokable (meaning you have the power to reverse it at anytime), and will ensure your assets continue supporting work you care about long after you are gone.  We want to help continue and enhance your legacy through coldwater conservation!  

Estate Planning Essentials

    1. Legal Name: Black Hills Flyfishers
    2. Employer Identification Number (EIN): 46-0376755
    3. National Address: Black Hills Flyfishers, 500 East Blvd #1621, Rapid City, SD 57701

Making the Black Hills Flyfishers a part of your estate plan is the most significant way that you can make a lasting impact for trout, habitat, education, and access in the Black Hills and within South Dakota's coldwater fisheries. A long-term commitment to BHFF not only ensures that our fisheries, watersheds, and wild places will be here for future generations, but the assets of you and your family can be put to work for the things you care about for perpetuity. 

Is the Black Hills Flyfishers already in your will?

If you have made the BHFF a beneficiary of a will, trust, retirement account, or life insurance policy, we would love to hear about it. Please email and tell us about it. Thank you!

The IRS prohibits nonprofits from providing benefits, goods, or services in exchange for charitable contributions from DAFs, IRAs or private foundations.